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Asriel meets Chara by russia001 Asriel meets Chara :iconrussia001:russia001 2 0
Man Be Not Sane
Man be not sane, though some have
redeemed thee
Caring and loving, for thou could be so;
For those whom thing's thou dost
Think not, poor man, nor yet canst thou
From fire and pain, which but thy nature
Much pleasure; then from thee much more
must flow,
And soonest dost thou best men with me go,
Taking their philosophy, and kind heart.
Thou art slave to war, chance, kings, and
And dost with hate, pain, and yet love
And drugs or crime can make thou prominent as
And better than thy last; why copy
them then?
One short war past, will last eternally,
And man shall be no more; Man, thou
must change.
:iconrussia001:russia001 1 1
Hetalia+Soul Eater part 6
    You sighed as you looked in your closet. What should you wear? A Dress? No, you only had one dress and it was way too flashy to wear to a casual party. Maybe that new skirt that you got before you left? Yes, that was perfect. It was a plain pleated black skirt about mid thigh length. Now, what shirt would you wear with it? What about that grey button up? No that would make you look too much like Hatsune Miku. You then spotted a tight black shirt with a scoop neck. Well, it would look nice, but it's too much black with the skirt. Then you remembered a pair of olive green cargo pants. Perfect. You thought, grabbing the shirt. 
    You put on the outfit and pulled your hair into a high ponytail, leaving your bangs to cover your right eye. You smirked as you laced up your black combat boots then looked into the mirror. My god, I really need to add some color into this. You thought then rummaged through your necklaces. You pulled out a necklac
:iconrussia001:russia001 7 1
Naruto Boys x Reader Out Of This World part 7
    "Sasuke. I'm at point B." Sasuke whispered into the mic.
    "Sakura. I'm at point C." Sakura's response was a bit louder, but still hushed.
    "Naruto. I'm at point A." Naruto was louder still, but unnaturally quiet for him. "Believe it!"
    "Go slow Naruto." Kakashi said in annoyed voice. "Okay, squad seven." A pause. "The target has moved!" He almost yelled into the mic. "Follow it!" A cat jumped into a bush, everyone eyeing it from behind trees.
    "Over there!" Naruto said. Everyone moved to different trees.
    "What's your distance from the target?" Kakashi asked. 
    "Five meters." Naruto replied. "I'm ready, just give the signal."
    "I'm ready too." Saske grunted into the mic. 
    "So am I!" Sakura said. Everyone has determination in their voices while you stood back, giggling with the sec
:iconrussia001:russia001 100 38
Tomorrow ~ A Reader Insert
    You sighed as you lie on your bed. You closed your eyes and recalled what the director told you. Tomorrow. Tomorrow you would get the comments on your audition for the school play. You bombed the audition, and you knew that the words that he said were just a hollow promise. 
    Did they take you for a fool? You clamped your eyes shut and tried to force a stop to the tears that were coming. If only they would have come in the audition like you tried to make them. 
    Now what would you do? You quit all of your other activities, burned all of your bridges, and you completely immersed yourself in getting ready for the audition. It was all just a trap set by fate. Would you always fail so greatly when doing important things? Maybe. Maybe you were doomed to live in the slums for the rest of your life. Not able yo get a good job because you kept bombing interviews for jobs that you would have gotten easily.
    You sat up. No one w
:iconrussia001:russia001 1 0
Hetalia+Soul Eater part 5
    Finally, it's over. You sighed, walking out of the classroom. Your first homework assignment? Find a weapon partner by October 31st. You were hoping that Annabelle could do it, but that was ruined when she was chosen for the EAT class and you were stuck in NOT. You didn't hate the class, no, it was wonderful. And as a bonus, nearly everyone was nice. You just didn't like that you were separated from Annabelle. Everyone else was a stranger to you. Of course, any situation with new people was going to be awkward, but they just had to throw in finding and experimenting with partners that could one day go on dangerous missions with you. Now, that's never awkward.
    You roamed the halls for the EAT class students, hoping to find Annabelle. Looking around, you saw a door that was different from all of the others in the school. For one thing, it was bigger. You walked up to it slowly, when suddenly, a voice stopped you. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
:iconrussia001:russia001 4 2
Naruto x Foxgirl!Reader Experimental part 1
"The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all."
~Jawaharla Nehru
You sighed as you looked around, heart pounding. You heard harsh voices behind you, and saw unforgiving nature ahead. Various scenarios rushed through your head as you tried to decide what to do. Your ear twitched as a rock whizzed past it. You spun around to find a fearful sight. "So, there are two ways we can do this honey, the easy way, or the hard way." A man stepped out of the group that stood before you, announcing the well-known line.
    "N-no. This can't be happening! This can't be real!" You backed up slowly, a hand flying to cover your mouth. Warm tears pooled in your eyes, threatening to spill over any second. Your back hit a tree and you stiffened. Any option you had at the moment wasn't optimal. Either run in the forest and fend for your life, searching for a new home, or go with the man and his small group to be experimented on. You just h
:iconrussia001:russia001 126 18
Hetalia+Soul Eater part 4
    After you finished the test, questions danced in your head. Did you do well? What class did you make? What class did your friends make? You had to leave the room after you finished the test and you were told that after everyone finished, the results would be posted in the hall. Maka and Annabelle sat with you in the hall, along with other people who you had just met. A boy with long blonde hair and soft blue eyes, his name was Francis. A tan boy with fluffy brown hair and green eyes named Antonio. Then finally, an albino boy named Gilbert that ran off with Soul. 
    "Don't worry, I'm sure you guys all did fine!"  Maka smiled at everyone. 
    "We need no pity." Antonio said darkly.
    "Antonio! Cheer up!" Francis started fussing over his friend.
    "I probably did horrible." You said. Doubt filled every corner of your mind.
    "You have to get a 90% to get into the EAT class, if that's what you're worrie
:iconrussia001:russia001 5 3
Hetalia+Soul Eater x Reader part 3
    "Wow." You were in awe. You knew that Death City was beautiful, but you certainly weren't expecting this. You looked over to Annabelle, who had the same expression as you. "Are you ready?" You asked.
    "I'm as ready as I'll ever be." She replied, smiling. You both lifted the handles non your bags and you rolled them off into the city. 
    Silence took over between you two as you walked through the city. "Do you know where to go?" You asked finally. 
    "No idea. The school?" She replied. "Hey, they look as lost as us. Let's ask them if they need help." She started walking over to two boys. One was shorter than the other with shaggy blonde hair. His eyes were a mesmerizing emerald green, but that wasn't the feature that overtook his face. Maybe it was his scowl? No, it was his enormous eyebrows. The taller boy was a dirty blonde with a strange cowlick. His eyes were baby blue. They shone with a child-like hope that was most defin
:iconrussia001:russia001 4 1
Naruto Boys x Reader Out Of This World part 6
    "So how did you do that?" Naruto asked. "Can you teach me?" Amazement was etched on his face.
    "It was only some genjutsu with my clan's kekkei genkai." You shrugged. "Everything else I learned from watching other people while I was hiding. Like the melt into the ground thing. They're all easy after you figure out what to do." 
    "Stop pestering _______, you dobe." Sasuke grunted. He was tagging along only for you. He needed to stay with  his friend, right? If not for you, he probably would have been at home.
    You playfully hit him on the arm. "Be nice, duck butt. No one likes being called names." You giggled.
    He rolled his eyes, seemingly annoyed, yet he still smirked. "Whatever."
    "I wanna be included too!" Sakura bounced back into the group, being slightly clingy.
    "Well, no one's stopping you!" You laughed.
    "Yea, Sakura!" Naruto beamed. 
    She rolled
:iconrussia001:russia001 38 19
Hetalia+Soul Eater x Reader part 2
    You walked around at the train station, trying to find your friend, Annabelle. You looked for the curly head of copper hair that you had seen in so many pictures. She said that she was tall for her age, too. How old was she? Let's say 13. And how old are you? Also 13. 
    You smiled widely as you finally spotted her. She was wearing blue skinny jeans, a simple white button up with a loose black vest. Around her neck was a Slytherin tie. Her long hair was pulled into a high ponytail with a bow that matched her tie. She had said that she was a fangirl, and she definitely delivered. You caught her eye and waved frantically, and she waved back, running over to you.
    She swept you up in a hug. "_______!" She set you down. "So we finally meet in person!" She smiled at you sweetly, her braces shining in the dim light of the train station.
    "It's about time, if you ask me." You giggled. "You ready for this?" 
    "Yes!" She
:iconrussia001:russia001 7 0
Hetalia+Soul Eater x Reader Intro/part 1
    It was a pleasant day. Anyone would admit that. It was sunny, only a few fluffy clouds in the sky. The wind was a light breeze that gently made the plants dance. It was warm, but not hot. One of those days where you could wear anything. Shorts or pants. A tank top, or a hoodie. It was up to the preference of the wearer. 
    A girl was walking along a trail on this perfect day. A smile graced her gentle features as she walked happily. She wore a mid-thigh pleated black skirt and a bright blue t-shirt with a charcoal grey jacket. Headphones with the mask of Lord Death on their shell were in her ears as she listened to her favorite song on repeat. A pair of black and white converse shielded her feat from the ground as she walked. This girl was you.
    You see, the day was perfect. It was the day that you, the beautiful girl would be going to death city with your best friend Annabelle. Though she lived a while away, the both of you were close friend
:iconrussia001:russia001 14 1
Naruto x Foxgirl! Reader Do You Want This Ramen?
    Your tail twitched as you sniffed the air. You smelled ramen.
    It had been awhile since you had seen any people. You were cast away from your village because of your so called deformities, which you had hidden for fourteen years. But, one accidental push in a shop, a fallen hat, and your secret was out. Your parents were killed for harboring a 'monster' and you were banished, in fear of cursing the village.
    Even so, you were determined to find a new start, a village that wouldn't see you as a demon. And to secure your happiness, you would never hide your ears or tail, but instead show them off.
    Introductions aside, you had gone a long time without real food. You had been living off of the various plants and berries you could ind in the forest. You slowly crept towards the source of the smell. Maybe it would be a hut!
    You peaked above a bush to see what you would be dealing with. It was only a single blonde boy sitting
:iconrussia001:russia001 128 14
Naruto Boys x Reader Out Of This World Part 5
    Everyone yawned as you met in a field. Sakura and Naruto sat on the ground, Sasuke stood, and you leaned on a nearby tree. Everyone skipped breakfast, excluding you, per Kakashi's weird advice, yet everyone was too tired to care. You closed your eyes in thought, thinking over what you should do once the test began.
    Eventually, Kakashi showed up. "Good morning everyone. Ready for your first day?" He asked.
    You giggled as Naruto and Sakura jumped up. "Hey,you're late!" Everyone but you yelled.
    "Well, a black cat crossed my path, so I had to take the long way." Naruto growled and you giggled. "Well, let's get started. Here we go. It's set for noon." He sat down a clock. "Your assignment is very simple. You just have to take these bells from me. That's all there is to it." He jingled the bells at everyone as they stared back at him, confusion coating their faces. You giggled. "If you can't get them by noon, you can go without lunch."
:iconrussia001:russia001 36 11
Naruto Boys x Reader Out of This World Part 4
    "He's late!" Naruto yelled. He looked out the door.
    "Naruto! Just sit down!" Sakura looked at him, obviously annoyed.
    "I don't want to!" Naruto replied. "Our teacher's the only one that's late. I'm ready to roll! Believe it! The other groups already met their new teachers and took off on some adventure or something and Iruka sensei's gone too!"
    "We know, okay?" Sakura said. She closed her eyes and was trying to keep calm. "Hey! What're you doing?"
    Naruto giggled as he stuck an eraser in the top of the door.    
    "Naruto!" Sakura nagged. 
    "That's what he gets for coming late!" He smiled. "Surprise!"
    "You're asking for trouble, you know you shouldn't do that." Sakura rolled her eyes.
    Sasuke grunted. "Our teacher's a jonin, an elite ninja. You think he'd fall for that?"
    "Yeah, Sasuke's right. You're so clueless Naruto." Sakura agree
:iconrussia001:russia001 55 30
Naruto Boys x Reader Out of This World Part 3
    You groaned as Sato pecked at your head. "What are you doing bird? Let me sleep."
    "No! You have to get ready for your first day at the Academy!" He chirped. You sat up quickly and jumped out of bed. Quickly, you took a shower, brushed your teeth, and got dressed before you ran out of your apartment with a school bag and a piece of toast in your mouth. 
    "Why are you leaving so early? You still have an hour before you have to be at the academy, and it's only a ten minute walk!" Sato flew onto your shoulder.
    "Well, I wanted to take a small walk around Konoha before school." You paused. "Plus I don't know where the academy is and it might take me awhile to find it."
    "You know I could guide you, right?"
    "Yea, I know, but-" Suddenly, you were on the ground. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I should have been paying more attention to where I was going!" You looked up and locked eyes with a certain pair of raven ones. H
:iconrussia001:russia001 42 1


Free Wolf Character Sheet by Merrinella Free Wolf Character Sheet :iconmerrinella:Merrinella 49 50
Dirty Minded Hawk (Steve Rogers X Reader)
Clint walked into the living room only to stop dead silent from what he saw.
Only your head and shoulders were visible over the couch. He could hear you and Steve panting and see your face flushed. You bounced up and down, your (h/c) ponytail following you as well.
"Steve we have been going at this for 2 hours, maybe we should take a break" you panted.
Clint was horrified.
"N-no I'm close, I can do this!" Steve replied breathless.
The archer thought he was going to throw up his breakfast.
"Umpf" Steve grunted and you sighed before falling to the ground, your head and shoulders disappearing behind the couch.
"..." Clint walked out of the living room before stomping back in. "Geez I wonder what (Name) and Steve are doing" His eyes were squeezed shut as he rounded the couch.
"Hey Clint what's up?" You asked. The spy's eyes shot open to see both of you sitting next to each other on the floor. Still clothed."What were you guys doing?" He asked innocent yet cautiously.
"I ran a 6 miles with
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 1,327 230
Steve X Reader - Fourth of July
"Don't move."
Steve felt the barrel of the gun against the back of his neck. "(Y/n)?"
He heard her take a step to her right, she was now directly behind him. "Don't do this."
"Sorry Steve," she pulled the trigger. 
He winced, jerking forward as the icy water ran down the back of his shirt. 
She stepped away from him as he swiveled to face her, noting her sly, albeit shaky smile as she backed away slowly. 
"All right, you asked for it!" He shouted, springing up from his chair and rushing towards her. She let out a squeak and fled, running as fast as she could. It wasn't fast enough however as his super soldier speed allowed him to catch her in a matter of strides. 
He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. She kicked and flailed, but was no match for his super strength. 
"You're going to pay for that," he growled as he began to tickle her. 
She shrieked and protested between peals of laughter and he grinned at the sound. 
"Okay! Okay!
:iconshadowcatprime:ShadowcatPrime 229 44
Captain America x Reader: My hero ONE SHOT
Enjoy the first captain america fanfic by moi.
Steve Rogers and (Name) has been together for three years. How they met you may ask? Let's go back to three years ago, when they first met. Steve was Captain America and Part of a group by S.H.I.E.L.D . The group was named, The avengers. In the group was, Thor, Iron man, Black widow, Hawkeye, Hulk and Captain America Himself.
Let's go back to yesteryear.
~~~~~~~~~~Flashback to three years~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Reader pov
I went to a bar with a friend of mine. Nix that, I was DRAGGED to a bar with a friend of mine. She broke up with her boyfriend after caught him cheating on her with another woman way younger than him and WAY out of his league. She sat on the bar stool crying her heart out. Her mascara was running.
"I-I-I knew He was hiding something," My friend, Hailey cried. "He kept smiling when he gets a text on his phone. He smelled like the perfume from Victoria's secret when I hug him. I wanted a relationship just like you and Ryan have. "
:iconenglandsgirl2323:englandsgirl2323 176 29
Steve Rogers (Captain America) X Reader 5 END!
(( Warning FLUFFY!!! COMMENT PLEASE! Comment or the Avengers will not give you kissiez))
(Name) munched lazily on her popcorn as her and Steve enjoyed some movie about something. He had wanted to see it so bad not her. She just enjoyed being with him and wanted to make him feel better. It had obviously distressed him about her reaction to finding out he happened to be THE Captain America. How could she tell him who she was though? He would hate her forever! That was the last thing she wanted. This man, this wonderful, shy, silly, handsome, kind, man, was everything she had wished for and more. He slipped his arm around her using the old "I'm just yawning and stretching my arms" trick. " That was sad." (Name) said laughing and putting a piece of popcorn in his mouth. After he swallowed he laughed and blushed faintly though it was invisible under the dim movie theater lights. " Hey, kill a guy for trying." He smiled at her affectionately and ruffled her hair.
They were really a pair of l
:iconlady0red:Lady0Red 132 87
KikuxReader - The perfect confession ( 2 )
Oh no...
You knew that voice anywhere.
Mostly you knew because he added "-san" at the end.
"O-oh! Hi Kiku!"
"Herro (Name)-san."
You looked up at the Japanese man. "Why are you here?"
"You told me to remember?"
You tilted your head to the side and blinked.
"I don't recall doing that.."
"Rell (Well) someone did. See-"
He held out his phone showing you the text messages.
- - - - - - - 
(Name) - A moments ago
"Hey Kiku! Meet me at the park in a few minutes. I need to tell you something!"
Reply - Delete - mark as unread

- - - - - - - 
You - A few moments ago.
Delete - Edit

- - - - - - - 
(Name) - A few moments ago
"Okay! See you there dude!"
Reply - Delete - Mark as unread  

- - - - - - - 
"(Name)-san, when did you start using the word 'Dude?'"
"..I don't use it."
Alfred F. Jones does...
Oh he's dead.
You sighed and patted the free spot next to y
:iconsorrynotsorrycupcake:sorrynotsorrycupcake 60 36
Iceland x Reader- Gloria(CRACK)
Waking up to your fiancé and engagement ring missing is never what you expected this morning. You tore apart the room looking for the ring, hoping it was just in the bed sheets and startling Mr. Puffin in the process. He huffed and flew out the door with you soon trailing behind him. Panicking this much was something common this early. A sigh left your lips as you walked down the stairs and dragged yourself to the kitchen.
Emil had to be somewhere nearby; he almost never woke before eight lately. From the hallway, you could see the pale blond boy in the kitchen, kneeling and holding your ring out. It was almost as if....
He was proposing....
“Gloria,” he had his violet eyes set on something, “I know there’s (Name), but I want you to be my wife...”
You expression changed to one of hurt and you rushed into the kitchen to see the boy alone before your stainless steel fridge.
“Emil...?” you blinked as you spoke, “What’s going on?
:iconroseofshadows853:Roseofshadows853 18 7
Gamer Boy - Gamer!America x Gamer!Reader
< USofAwesome > yo
< RWTD > Hey
< USofAwesome > whatcha doin
< USofAwesome > cool, wanna match?
< RWTD > U always beat me :,(
< USofAwesome > I no, my bats getting scrwed up
< USofAwesome > shit, i meant screwed
< RWTD > Haha, real funny US
< USofAwesome > nah but srly, wanna play?
< RWTD > Who else is playin?
< USofAwesome > bro, prus, commie, ninja
< AWESOMEPRUS > thats the awesome prus to you, US
< USofAwesome > go away i’m more awesome then you
< AWESOMEPRUS > uhuh, right
< MMPipeOP > You two are so cute.
< AWESOMEPRUS > shut it, commie
< USofAwesome > shut it commie
< MMPipeOP > Come back when you’ve learnt to use grammar, US. I’m not even native to America yet I speak - and type - better English than you do.
< USofAwesome > SHUT IT COMMIE
< MMPipeOP > You really are stupid.
< AWESOMEPRUS > psh, you two are so unawesome
< MapleStick > Uh...guys?
< InviNinja > Just leave them, Maple-san. You know how they get
:iconkaijinkyn:KaijinKyn 110 60
Randler Music X RoomieOfficial
                Kasper X Joel
           How to: eat bananas
        It was a beautiful day in Stockholm, and Kasper, aka Randler Music, was going to see his friend, Joel, aka RoomieOfficial. They had agreed to meet at the playground where Joel, well, humped some of the equipment during the Roomie & Friends cover of "The Monster". When Kasper arrived, Joel was casually sitting on one of the swings. He looked up and waved, then gestured to the swing next to him. Kasper chuckled quietly, then joined his friend on the swings. “Hey man, how's it going?” Joel asked, pulling a box of oreos out of his bag. "Okay, I guess. What about you? How are you doing?" “I'm tired, this EP is harder than I thought it would be, but I'm sure it'll turn out awesome.” Joel pulled a banana out of his bag and tossed it to Kasper, who luckily ca
:iconcreepypastahetalia:creepypastahetalia 1 1
Japan X Reader- Anime Pick Up Lines
Japan X Reader- Anime Pick Up Lines
A/N- Yep… you bet… XD
I couldn’t help myself and it kinda seems what Japan would do… KINDA.
Warning- Kinda dirty references here. X’D ...More like really. XD I regret nothing. Absolutely nothing. X'D
    Alfred was going over to Kiku’s for a surprise visit. Without even knocking or alerting Kiku to his presence, he entered Kiku’s Japanese styled house and stalked through the halls. Expecting nothing to be out of the ordinary, he was shocked when he heard two laughs, followed by a light masculine and Japanese accented voice.
    “Hai, Hai. Ret’s see… Ah, I’ve got one! ‘You’re the only dirty thing I rike.’ Can you guess?” A feminine chuckle bounced off the walls and entered Alfred’s ears as he stopped walking
:iconshadowrealm666:ShadowRealm666 624 343
Wolf!talia ocs: Antarctica by creepypastahetalia Wolf!talia ocs: Antarctica :iconcreepypastahetalia:creepypastahetalia 2 2
Otaku!Stalker!Reader X Japan- You're Really Japan!
        You peer over your mange, eagerly looking over at a new exchange student. His name? Kiku Honda. Although you weren’t generally concerned with people at school (you generally ate alone at lunch) this one sparked your interest. Why, because he looks like Japan, a character from one of your favorite animes, Hetalia.
          He doesn’t just look like Japan, he is Japan. Everything about him describes Japan in the quirky show: His L’s turn into R’s, he’s quiet, and he only talks to the teacher and his two friends, Feliciano and Ludwig. After doing some research, you conclude that they are Italy and Germany from Hetalia as well.
          But how to approach them? As an Otaku, you aren’t really the type to strike up a conversation, especially to three boys, three really cute boys. Still… you have to know if it
:iconcutie-book-worm:cutie-book-worm 84 29
America X Reader :: Ultimate Taboo!
    (A/N    Yes, this is indeed a Fullmetal Alchemist/Hetalia Crossover that is an X Reader, and if you have problems with that then click the arrow on the top left of your browser that is pointing left. I don't want people ruining it by putting hate or insulting messages in the comments)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ America x Reader :: Ultimate Taboo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    "[Name], I think there might be a way to bring him back, but our chances are slim. Very slim," Alfred whispered into [Name]'s ear as the two of them lay on one of the nearby the house they share. Not two weeks ago Alfred's older brother and your guardian for the past few months, Arthur, died after getting himself into a fight with an armed, drunk police. All three of them are able to use alchemy well, but not without a transmutation circle, each working best either either fire, water, or earth and surpassing everyone in their
:icongtwinner621:GTWinner621 25 8
Tonight Jim x Reader
"How did the sales call go?" Jim raised a brow, leaning against the vending machine to get a closer look at your face. You gave him your famous 'what-the-hell' look before playfully pushing him out of the way purchase a grape soda.
"I was with Dwight. How do you think it went?"
"Of course, but I'm sure you have stories." Bending down, you grabbed the can and poked Jim's forehead.
"We made out in front of the client, then had sex in his car. Really, Jim. You should get back to work. It's my break, not yours," you stuck your tongue out at Jim's chuckle, rolling your eyes. "Besides, Dwight will kill you if he sees you flirting with me."
"Oh-ho. Really now? You and Dwight? I would never have guessed. Here I thought you were into the temp."
"Ryan? And have Kelly angry with me? No thanks. She scares me sometimes..." Jim nudged you with his elbow, grinning like a mad man. He was something else, that's for sure. Sometimes you weren't quite sure how you found him. Oh yeah. Dunder Mifflin
:iconcaligo-loki-love:Caligo-Loki-Love 16 3



    Hello, my pretty little sunflowers! I am so sorry that I haven't been posting anything, but I have a good excuse. You see, problem one was summer classes. But, yay, they're over now. Problem two, posting any literature. Weeellllllll, That was the main problem. In my house, there are two laptops, a main computer, then my phone. There should be no problem, right? WRONG!!! One laptop is the slowest laptop of all time, and it won't load the site. X'ED!!! The other laptop kicks all other devices off of the wifi, so I have to wait for my family to go to sleep before I can use it. And, by that time, I am mostly unconscious and anything I could possibly write at that time wouldn't be worth writing. X'ED!!! Next is the main computer, usually, there are other family members on it, and if there isn't, I kinda forget that it's there. oops.. That leaves my phone. I downloaded the deviant-art app and anticipation filled me! I was so happy! And then guess what happened!! I couldn't find a way to get to on it. Okay, no problem! Or so I thought. I knew that the site would take files from other document writers, so I downloaded the only one my phone would allow, google docs. So, I wrote the next chapter in my Naruto boys x reader series and I filled the only request that I was given. In google docs. How stupid of me. Turns out the site doesn't take files from google docs. *sigh* And copy paste doesn't transfer out of google docs. So, I patiently waited for the first opportunity to use the main computer. Which, was tonight. Finally, ugh. So, I had to bring up the document on my phone and completely re-type it all. Always fun. 

The things I do for love..

In other news, I got a boyfriend! And he also broke up with me.. *sigh* I went to a party! *cough* for my aunt *cough*

A shout out to Donna! You know who you are, girl! Heck I'll probably sent you a link to this primarily for this line.. Hehe.. 

If you guys hate me, then go ahead and say so!! I deserve it! 

Comment any ideas you have to improve my writing! I am a student, I'm still learning, after all. You're just.. helping. And on this site, I'm here to serve you.

Any requests? Comment those, too!

Thanks for reading, guys! Love ya'll!
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  • Playing: Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon
  • Eating: Ice-cream cake
  • Drinking: water


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Annabelle Adkins
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I <3 Anime! I'm always open to requests, too!


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